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Do you need help managing finances after your brain injury?

A recent catastrophic injury impacted your brain, leaving you feeling more than a bit out of sorts. While you have a positive prognosis, the road to recovery may be a long one, one where you still have to manage your finances until you feel 100%.

To better ensure that you do not damage your financial health while tending to your physical health, see what CreditCards.com suggests for managing your finances. Take care of your bills and other financial obligations with confidence during this tough time.

Know what to expect 

After suffering a brain injury, expect to have trouble with concentration, processing/comprehending information, learning/retaining new information and planning. With a better idea of how such injuries can mentally compromise you, you have a better idea of how to plan to manage your finances.

Learn how to work within your current capabilities 

You may need to enlist the help of a family member or friend, preferably one who is good with money and financially responsible. Specifically, ask whoever helps you to organize your bills, insurance paperwork and medical bills. See if your assistant would either note due dates for bills or set reminders on your phone or a shared calendar.

Depending on the overall severity of your injury, it may be better to turn over complete financial control to a trusted individual. Look into drafting a power of attorney or a letter of authorization. Essentially, this person will take over managing your entire financial household, so it should be someone you trust implicitly.

Reach out to your creditors

Be sure you reach out to your creditors to let them know about your brain injury. Some may agree to be more lenient about late payments, and they may have special services you can use.

There is no shame in getting help to take care of your finances while recovering from a catastrophic injury. Talk with a legal advocate for more insights and tools.