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How Does Miami Rank for Traffic Congestion?

As any Miami driver knows, it can be dangerous to hit the roads even if you’re a safe driver. Traffic congestion can lead to increased chances for accidents and the injuries, damages, and even fatalities associated with plenty of these wrecks. If you’re new to the area or just curious about the impact of traffic in Miami, read on to learn more about some of the most interesting statistics.

If you’ve already suffered an injury in an accident, contact a personal injury attorney in Miami to support your case. Whether you were hit in traffic or on a major roadway with no congestion, you need to know your rights.

Miami Traffic Congestion Data

Like many other places, traffic in Miami decreased dramatically around the beginning of the COVID 19 pandemic. However, research still shows that Miami is one of the most congested cities in the entire U.S. as of 2020.

That’s from TomTom, who looked at road congestion data across 57 countries worldwide, putting Miami at #3 globally. According to their research, Miami drivers spend the equivalent of three days and 15 hours driving in rush hour traffic. That’s a significant decrease from 2019 numbers, which showed five days and 13 hours of extra drive time, meaning Miami experiences major road congestion issues with or without a global pandemic at play.

Causes of Traffic Congestion in Miami

Aside from a high population density, there are other issues at play regarding the causes of traffic congestion in Miami. An increased number of rideshare drivers has made it easy for those without a car to leverage those services instead. But other environmental factors impacting traffic include location, the time of day for travel, and land use, among others.

Miami has a big population to start with, along with excellent weather, thriving nightlife, and easy access to airports, all of which make it a hotspot for vacation and even business travel. Work crews are often spotted throughout Miami, too, and this can re-route traffic onto roads that already suffer from major traffic congestion problems.

In 2020, significant investments made possible by federal stimulus money meant that more road projects than usual were on tap, stretched out over months and causing increasing traffic concerns. After seven years of roadwork, the interchange reconstruction near Miami airport is supposed to be done soon but represents just one example of an ongoing roadwork project with traffic implications.

Construction of new buildings, too, which has been on the rise the past ten years in Miami, means more construction crews, dump trucks, and lane blockages are affecting drivers as well. As an accident attorney in Miami can tell you, this leads to more driver aggravation and higher wreck risks, too.

Alleviating Congestion of Traffic in Miami

As a personal injury attorney can tell you, congestion is far too often the cause behind serious accidents. People get frustrated in traffic and might be less likely to pay attention. Road rage is more common. People are more likely to speed after they get through the congestion or to cut other drivers off. These are problematic issues not just for the problems of congestion but for the risk of devastating accidents.

Some locals believe that decreasing construction and providing more public transit options will make it much easier to use those rather than a car. But companies like Uber and Lyft have made it more popular to request a ride with the click of a button, keeping drivers busy during popular hours. Widening the road and creating flyovers are other possible opportunities for better driving experiences for all. Lawmakers are certainly considering the far-reaching impact of traffic problems. Still, reductions to traffic in any meaningful way feel very far off in the future for Miami drivers.

Hire a Menendez Trial Attorneys If You Were Hurt in a Traffic Accident

Even when traffic is slow, accidents can and do happen in Miami. As a victim, it’s up to you to quickly hire the right personal injury attorney to get support with your legal case. There’s a lot on the line when it comes to fighting for your benefits in the future, so you want to be prepared by having a personal injury lawyer you can count on to file your claim and fight for you.

Whether it was a fender-bender that left you with whiplash and broken bones or a serious accident that turned your family’s world upside down due to the loss of a loved one, you must get the support of an injury lawyer sooner rather than later. Retaining a personal injury lawyer is the first step in fighting for compensation from an accident.

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