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Clinic Liability Cases and Protecting Patients In HMO

As the costs of health care have risen, so, too, has the number of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in the market, inundating patients with seemingly attractive programs and clinical options for the health care they require. The result is often undue power and influence by HMOs in the health care delivery system, compromising the quality of care provided and presenting new challenges in cases of medical malpractice and negligence. Menendez Trial Attorneys has extensive experience fighting the marketplace politics of HMOs and breaches of clinic liability care and will work to secure patients’ well-being in the face of organizations that seek to take advantage.

Working On Behalf Of The Seriously Injured for Clinic Liability

HMOs have an outsized influence in inpatient care, which can lead to serious injuries and health problems for those whose needs are not properly addressed. At our firm, we work with clients who have been seriously hurt because:

  • A certain type of medication was denied.
  • Their condition worsened aftercare was denied.
  • A physician neglected to run all the necessary tests.
  • The primary care physician failed to refer the client to a specialist.

These are just some of the instances in which people have gotten hurt. We’ll work with you to help comb through your options and push forward with helping you obtain all the compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

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