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Defective Products Cause Serious Injuries That Require A Strong Response

The products we encounter and use daily — toys, cars, household appliances, machinery and all manner of devices — are prone to design and manufacturing defects that can compromise usability and safety. If a defective or dangerous product causes injury or harm to users, defective product litigation is often the best recourse for consumers to pursue a fair measure of justice and to deter companies from allowing dangerous products to enter the marketplace in the future. Menendez Trial Attorneys holds manufacturers liable for the damages their products cause, taking a methodical and demonstrative approach to proving fault and securing appropriate compensation for clients.

Protecting Consumers By Tackling Defective Products In Court

An injury suffered due to a defect in design, manufacturing or insufficient warning labels or instructions can cause catastrophic injuries. We work with clients to determine whether there is any negligence or strict liability. We assist clients who have been injured due to defective consumer products, as well as medical equipment, vehicles and more.

A product liability claim requires an experienced attorney, as there are numerous concerns that need to be addressed. At Menendez Trial Attorneys, we leverage our trial experience to help our clients as much as possible by aggressively pursuing justice and compensation on their behalf.

A Track Record That Shows Results

Menendez Trial Attorneys is all about results. No-nonsense, evidence-driven, waged with a full knowledge of the law – that’s how we try and win cases for our clients. Let us fight for you.

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