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Woman suspected of drunk driving after fatal accident

A horrifying crash happened early on a Saturday morning involving three teens crossing the street and a passenger vehicle. The young men, ages 13, 15 and 17, were on their way to a weekend tournament soccer game and were walking to the bus stop when they were struck. The accused has a long driving record and did not speak about the event when she came to in her hospital bed.

The boys’ injuries were so serious and catastrophic that they lost their lives. They all were a part of a soccer club that looks to give impoverished and at-risk youth an opportunity to compete in sports. A search warrant for her blood was initiated by detectives, the results have not been released. According to Mimi-Dade and Broward traffic records, the suspected has been accused or ticketed for speeding, driving with a suspended license, as well as driving too fast for conditions when she was involved in a traffic accident in which she rear-ended another vehicle.

The investigation is on-going, but the blood test should be telling about the suspect’s BAC level just after the crash. The families are devastated as are friends and anyone in their community about the loss of such young lives. Seeking damages and justice against those who may have committed wrongdoing in their untimely deaths is only natural. It is also within a person’s rights to seek personal injury damages.

It goes without saying that nothing that can be done can ever rectify the loss of life. There is nothing that can be done to bring these boys back. However, some can seek solace in the justice that a criminal determination or personal injury determination can give them. Moving forward is much easier than it sounds for loved ones who have lost so much.