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What do I need to know about child deaths aboard cruise ships?

Florida is one of the most popular locations for boarding cruise ships. The cruise liners that dock here typically follow routes to the Caribbean and Central America. While most families vacation aboard cruise ships without incident, there are others who leave with horror stories. 

Among the most painful are those involving the death of children. Not all of these instances are preventable by you, but there are some things you can do that might reduce the likelihood. 

Maintain safety practices 

Forbes reminds parents that safety is still important aboard a cruise ship. Too many people let their guards down and regret it after the fact. Shut your room door behind you and keep it locked. If someone knocks at the door, use the peephole to identify who they are. 

Keep an eye on the kids 

Parents often believe letting children roam around on their own is perfectly safe on a cruise ship. Keep an eye on them at all times. Exercise extreme caution when children enter the pool. Note that there are not always lifeguards aboard cruise ships. 

Rely on tracking devices 

Losing your child aboard a cruise ship is a lot easier than you might think. You turn around to help one out of the pool and the other disappears. How do you find them? If your cruise line offers tracking devices for kids in the form of a wristband, consider getting one. 

Practice good hygiene 

Children are not always good about washing their hands before touching their food or their faces. This can make them prime candidates for becoming sick. Sometimes cruise ship passengers become ill with gastrointestinal sicknesses. Maintaining proper hygiene practices in the family might ensure you and your kids do not join that list. 

This article provides information on children aboard cruise ships. It should not be used as or in place of legal or medical advice.