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What are your rights after suffering a cruise ship injury?

It sounded like fun when you and loved ones booked tickets on that week long cruise. A chance to get away, relax and have fun. However, not all cruise ship experiences are great ones. Sometimes things go wrong that result in personal injury. Sometimes these injuries are due to negligence or a mistake on behalf of the cruise ship company, captain or other related third party.

Cruise ship passengers do have rights. Once you enter international waters (rather than being docked on U.S. soil) the laws can change, however. Even so, there are certain regulations in place to protect people who were involved in a traumatic event or suffered personal injury on a cruise ship. You may have signed a waiver or some type of document prior to boarding, however, these agreements are not wholly inclusive to all potential cruise ship injuries one could suffer once aboard.

Even so, cruise ship companies may impose limitations on the would-be injured victims. These stipulations could include how long a passenger has to claim an injury after debarking. Also, there may be a certain jurisdiction in which the personal injury suit can be brought (based on where the cruise ship company is based) and this could be more-so state law than actually imposed by the cruise ship company themselves. Either way, it’s important to understand what might regulate the process for bringing a personal injury suit against a cruise ship.

Either way, moving forward after cruise ship injury can be foreign territory to many. Usually if you’re injured on a cruise ship once, you have a bitter taste in your mouth. People don’t generally suffer injuries on two separate occasions! In case you do, we’re here to help.