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Whenever a person suffers serious injuries, such as in an auto accident, a case of medical malpractice, or a serious injury on a cruise ship, the victim often incurs a huge amount of costs. These costs can include medical bills, lost wages, costs for rehabilitation services, and more. If another party is legally responsible for the accident’s happening, the law allows the victim to sue them for the harm they caused.

What is an example of the kinds of expenses that can result from a catastrophic accident? Not long ago, we talked about the costs of a spinal cord injury. For a person who still has some mobility after a spinal cord injury, they may incur $350,000 in costs the first year after the injury. They may spend about $40,000 in subsequent years for treatment, and it is reasonable to assume that the injury will end up costing them at least $1 million. For more serious spinal cord injuries, the costs can be even higher.

When a person suffers serious and catastrophic injuries, an experienced personal injury attorney can be a good thing to have. Attorney Jose Menendez has 30 years of experience winning cases in Florida courtrooms. In the past he worked as a defense attorney as well as an in-house counsel for healthcare companies. This means he has the knowledge and the skills to represent Coral Gables clients with their cases, and he’s not afraid to take on big companies that have wronged his clients.

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