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Was your brain injury caused by anesthesia error?

Before you undergo surgery, you have a lot on your mind. You may worry about how the surgery will impact your body or how long it will take you to recover. One thing that you may not think about is the risk of going under anesthesia. 

According to the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation, anesthesia is a useful tool that helps you get the medical care you need without having to be aware of what is happening to your body. However, when something goes wrong, it can have serious consequences. When you receive anesthesia, there are three ways your body is affected. 

First, your spinal cord is affected so that you cannot move during the procedure. Next, the brainstem is affected to keep you unconscious during the surgery. Third, your cerebral cortex is affected to stop you from perceiving or processing information. 

With so many critical parts of your brain impacted by the anesthesia, one wrong error may leave you with a serious brain injury. Your anesthesiologist remains in the room with you throughout the surgery to monitor your brain activity. If they do not do their job adequately, there are complications or, if they give you the wrong dosage, your risk of a brain injury such as allergic reaction, stroke, mental or emotional changes, cardiac arrest or death increases. 

If you or a loved one suffered from a brain injury at the hands of an anesthesiologist, you may be able to receive compensation. You should go through your case and answer all of the questions. You will need to aggressively pursue a case against the hospital insurance company, and get the compensation you deserve after a brain injury.