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Studies continue to confirm phones are a traffic hazard

There has been a lot of buzz recently about the Florida Legislature’s effort to pass a tougher law against distracted driving. If passed, the new measure will help police further crack down on motorists in South Florida who insist on using their cell phones as they speed down the roads and highways of this state.

According to at least one recent study, our state lawmaker’s efforts could not come soon enough, as they even already be too little, too late to stop the spread of texting and driving.

The study suggested that, as of now, the rate of distracted driving in this country has increased by over 10 percent since even 2018. The study suggested that people know in theory that texting and driving is a bad idea, with 85 percent of those surveyed calling it a problem. Still, almost half of the same people indicated that they themselves used their phone while driving at least 10 percent of the time.

This study only confirms other recent reports which demonstrate that motorists are willing to take their chances and engage in distracted driving, even though they know it is unlawful and quite risky behavior.

Hopefully, the message that distracted driving can cause severe auto accidents that can leave people dead or permanently injured will eventually sink in to the minds of Coral Gables residents. Until that time, it is an unfortunate reality that this state can expect more severe traffic injuries due to texting and driving and similar behavior. Victims of these types of injuries should remember that they may the right to receive full compensation from the distracted driver who caused the accident.