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Stay safe on your vacation cruise

While most travelers enjoy safe, comfortable cruise travel, others become ill or seriously injured while on board the ship. These incidents often involve falls, swimming pool accidents, injuries associated with amusement parks, fire, drowning, food poisoning or an infectious illness such as Legionnaire’s disease. 

Reduce the risk for serious injury on your cruise by reviewing safety tips for you and your family. 

Follow safety guidelines 

Passengers must typically attend a mandatory safety briefing on the first day at sea. Pay close attention so that you know what to do if an emergency arises on the ship. Review the route from your cabin to the area where you should gather for further instruction during an emergency. 

Pack an emergency bag 

Keep a small bag in your cabin with everything you will need in an evacuation. This includes a flashlight, your passport, cash, keys, prescription medications and other essentials. 

Supervise kids closely 

While most ships have tons of activities planned for young travelers, you should still know where your kids are at all times. Even teenagers should be under a close parental eye on the ship, with curfews and check-in procedures so that you can quickly alert authorities in case of a problem. Close supervision is especially important around water. Kids should always wear life jackets when on deck and in swimming areas. 

Check the Vessel Sanitation Report 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintains this document for registered cruise ships. Each ship receives a letter grade for pest management, hygiene, water quality, safe food handling, necessary repairs and overall cleanliness. Choosing a highly rated ship reduces your risk of poisoning and food-borne illness. 

Wear appropriate shoes 

Falls are a common cause of cruise ship incidents. Make sure that you pack non-slip shoes with rubber soles to reduce your risk for a significant injury. Avoid going barefoot, even at the pool, and avoid high heels, even in the ship’s dining room. 

With these tips, you will be able to enjoy your cruise without worry. If injury results from negligence on behalf of the cruise operator, you may be eligible for legal damages.