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Overview of cruise ship liability

South Florida is the home of several cruise lines, with many of them having their home ports in and around Coral Gables and the greater Miami area.

As a result, many tourists come to Florida in order to embark on their dream vacations. However, a dream cruise can quickly turn in to a nightmare if a person winds up getting seriously hurt while on the cruise, whether the injury happens while on the boat itself or while in an exotic port.

Florida is often the appropriate place in which to file a claim based on cruise ship injuries, although federal law may apply to these sorts of claims.

Someone who has experienced a cruise ship injury should review their options with an experienced attorney who has handled claims related to cruise ships. However, there are some basic principles one should keep in mind when doing so.

Like most other sorts of personal injuries, cruise ship operators are held to what is called a negligence standard. This means that in order to claim compensation, a victim of a serious cruise ship injury must prove that in some way, the cruise ship operator, or the staff, failed to be reasonably careful.

Sometimes, proving negligence can be as simple as proving that the cruise ship was not in compliance with a law or regulation. However, even in this case, a victim still has to show how the legal violation caused the victim’s injuries. In other cases, the cruise ship may deny that they acted carelessly.

There are certain deadlines by which a victim of a cruise ship injury must file a claim. These deadlines, and other legal hurdles and complexities, are good reasons for victims to entrust their cases to a knowledgeable attorney.