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Our office helps with the complexities of cruise injuries

A previous post on this blog talked about how victims of serious cruise ship injuries will often have to file suit in Southern Florida. After all, the cruise ship business in the greater Miami area is lucrative, raking in almost 60 billion over the last decade.

As that previous post stated, cruise ships have an obligation to exercise reasonable care to protect their passengers. If they fail in this obligation, patients who suffer various injuries, including severe spine and head injuries or other catastrophic injuries, may be able to hold the cruise ship operator liable for negligence. This is the legal route through which an injured passenger, or his family, can recover compensation for things like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering.

There are special laws that apply when it comes to cruise ship injuries that do not apply to other types of injuries, including those that commonly happen on land. For instance, a victim of a cruise ship injury will need to have knowledge of the laws covering common carriers as well as federal laws commonly referred to as admiralty and maritime laws.

These sorts of laws include unique, and often complicated, aspects to them. These complexities can even trip up other attorneys who do not experience dealing with these sorts of laws regularly, and such missteps can mean a victim does not get a full recovery for her injuries.

This is why those who have gotten seriously hurt on a cruise ship come to our law office for legal assistance with their claims. While cruise ship companies and their backers have a lot of resources and will often get unnecessarily stubborn about paying a claim, our team has the wherewithal and knowledge to fight back.