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Limitations and lifetimes: spinal injuries

While it is obvious that spinal injuries can impact you deeply, the ramifications of catastrophic injury to your spine cannot be underestimated. Knowing the ticking clock you are on after being the victim of a collision, accident, or other incident will help smooth out financial troubles in the short-term and quality of life troubles in the long term. 

Despite how serious spinal injuries are, Florida statutes do not differentiate injuries to yourself by levels of severity. A fender bender concussion has the same statute of limitations as more life-threatening injuries like column breaks and brain trauma: four years. This may seem like plenty of time to file a case, given how much of an emergency spinal injury is, but as the Mayo Clinic discusses: it could be months of recovery followed by 1-2 years of seeing small improvements. Worse cases may likely see even longer time frames. 

Getting the help you need immediately is the best way to mitigate long-term trauma – both physically and financially. Physically, medical science has yet to develop ways of curing spinal injury, but fast action, surgery and treatment can minimize the effects. Financially, spinal injuries can cost in the millions. Incomplete injuries that leave you with mobility may rack up over $300k in the first year while severe, complete injuries can run over a million. Lifelong care after costs hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Time is of the essence. And after an accident that leaves you in this hospital or suffering after, the last thing you need to worry about is how much your time costs you.