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Florida close to cracking down on cosmetic surgery clinics

Most people are leery of walking down a dark alley late at night in an unfamiliar place. But one of the riskiest places you can walk into is a Florida cosmetic surgery clinic. The Sunshine State has acquired a national reputation as a home to dangerous plastic surgery facilities that leave many patients disfigured and in pain. In some of the worst cases of doctor negligence, cosmetic surgery patients find their lives ruined by botched surgeries – and some have paid the ultimate price and died as a result.

State lawmakers recently approved sweeping reform legislation to crack down on negligence, neglect and abuse as the facilities. If signed into law, the proposed controls would empower state officials to punish and shut down the most dangerous clinics.

The history of Florida plastic surgery clinics is not a pretty one, where an absence of regulations has allowed high-volume operations to thrive where revenue was king and patient safety was often an afterthought.

Some readers will recall that a couple of months ago, a newspaper investigation found that eight women died after plastic surgery procedures at one doctor-owned clinic. Nearly a dozen patients were “critically injured” by procedures, USA Today reported, including a pair of patients hospitalized in septic shock (a dangerous condition brought about by potentially fatal infection).

A sponsor of the legislation, Florida state Senator Anitere Flores said, “People are dying and being horribly disfigured. We are going to take a step to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

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