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Distracted driving continues to cause serious injuries

People in South Florida probably recognize intuitively that distracted driving is a problem on the roads of Coral Gables and the other Miami suburbs. As April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, it is still a good opportunity to remind everyone about how easily distracted driving can lead to severe and even fatal auto accidents.

According to one statistic, distracted driving causes the equivalent of about 36,500 injuries across the country each year. While not all of these injuries are particularly catastrophic, many of them do leave the victim unable to return to work or even to perform basic life functions. Sadly, 3,285 people die annually due to distracted driving.

With law enforcement efforts and public awareness campaigns already in full swing, some are looking for other ways to further reduce instances of distracted driving. Some experts have suggested, for instance, that cities can do more with respect to how they design roads and intersections, as some types of design seem to reduce incidents of distracted driving.

Likewise, auto insurance companies are acquiring the ability to monitor their customers’ driving habits on a regular basis via technology. Doing so can help an insurance company spot a potentially distracted driver and impose natural consequences like higher premiums or even terminating the driver’s coverage.

For its part, the Florida Legislature continues to work on strengthening this state’s ban on texting and driving.

There is no doubt that distracted driving is a dangerous, and potentially deadly, habit that Florida motorists have a responsibility to avoid. When they choose instead to indulge in this habit, they are prone to leaving a person seriously injured in a car accident. Such drivers can be held legally accountable to pay compensation to their victims.