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Cruise ship injury basics

When a family enjoys a cruise ship vacation, the last thing they may expect to suffer is an injury while on board, but when they do, it is important for them to understand the resources available to them to help them with a cruise ship injury claim to compensate them for their damages.

Some of the laws associated with a cruise ship injury claim are different than other types of personal injury claims so it is important for victims of cruise ship injuries to be familiar with these differences and the rules that apply to their claims for the harm they have suffered. Most claims for damages following a cruise ship injury need to be made where the cruise ship operator is headquartered, which is typically Florida.

Additionally, the contract between the cruise ship operator and victim is important to be familiar with and may allow only 12 months to bring a claim for physical injuries and a shorter period of time for non-physical injuries. Maritime law generally allows a 3-year time period to bring a claim for injuries suffered on a cruise ship.

To be liable for cruise ship injuries, the cruise ship operator must be negligent in causing the injuries suffered by the victim. Maritime law provides that if a reasonably careful cruise ship operator would likely have known about the hazard that caused the injury, then they may be considered negligent and liable to the injured victim for their damages. Additional standards of liability may apply to cruise ship employees that injured victims should also be familiar with.

Cruise ship injury claims can be complex and can require expert witness testimony in some instances. As a result, it is helpful for injured victims to be as familiar as possible with the legal resources available to them and how these resources can help them when they are harmed on a cruise ship.