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Cruise ship injury basics continued

This blog recently discussed the basics of cruise ships injuries, but it is also helpful for those injured on a cruise ship to be familiar with the injury claims process following such an injury. When an accident occurs on a cruise ship because of the negligence of a cruise ship operator, it is valuable for injured victims to be familiar with the options available to help them.

The cruise ship injury claims process is unique and can be complex because it involves maritime law, federal regulations and the contract between the cruise ship operator and the passenger included on the passenger’s ticket for the cruise. When a passenger has been injured on a cruise ship while out a sea or in a port of call, they should immediately report the incident, obtain the names and contact information for any passengers or crew who can serve as witnesses to the incident, secure written eyewitness statements when possible, take photos and make sure to follow the time limit for making a claim prescribed on the back the passenger’s ticket.

The different types of cruise ship accidents and injuries passengers may suffer can include slip and fall accidents, wrongful death accidents when a loved one has been wrongfully killed, sexual assault and rape, missing persons and food poisoning. It is important to note that a different combination of laws, including federal laws, can impact the passenger’s claim depending on the type of accident or injury they have suffered, which is why it is essential for injured passengers and their families to understand the legal protections available to them.

Given the complexities involved, cruise ship passengers should know how they could pursue damages for the harm suffered on a cruise if they find themselves in that situation. When cruise ship passengers need them, legal protections are available including in the form of a cruise ship claim for damages.