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COVID-19’s Effect on Personal Injury Cases

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a paralyzing impact on the global economy. Due to social distancing regulations enforced by governments, people are staying home. However, accidents continue to happen every day, and you may need a personal injury attorney to fight on your behalf.

You can still consult with a law firm in Miami, FL, if you want to file a personal injury case. However, COVID-19 has affected personal injury cases during this time. Due to the unique global health circumstances, even the legal system has felt the impact of the virus.

Law firms are using software to stay connected with their clients. Miami personal injury lawyers have shifted to working remotely and are still handling claims despite court closures. If you aren’t sure how the pandemic affects your claim, talk to a lawyer. Attorneys help you recover financial damages and receive the compensation you deserve.

How COVID-19 Impacts Personal Injury Cases

As closure restrictions change throughout Florida, law firms will eventually reopen in densely populated areas like Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. At the same time, we will still see court restrictions, and cases that are pending will take precedence.

Not every courtroom is closed, and there are emergencies that require immediate attention. For example, criminal bond hearings and cases involving families are still ongoing. Cases can still be filed in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Hearings and depositions are taking place via video conferencing. 

Some points to consider regarding the review of your case include:

  •       The response of your law firm: An injury case requires investigation, and this may take time during the pandemic. In the meantime, your attorney can still build a case using technology and the digital tools available to most law firms. This way, your firm works with you remotely and gathers information about your case.
  •       When courts will reopen: Bear in mind that this is a temporary and unique situation, and courts are nonessential during a global pandemic. Your law firm may have enough evidence to build a strong injury case, and cases may be filed electronically. 
  •       Delay in medical treatment: Hospitals around the country have patients suffering from COVID-19, and you might see a delay in medical treatment. If you are an at-risk person, you must consider how exposure to the virus could affect your health. However, you should not neglect your health after an accident. Factors like delayed treatment and risk potential may impact your injury claim.

Can I Still Settle a Personal Injury Claim?

Since COVID-19 is causing the world economy to suffer, insurance companies may want to keep payouts to a minimum. That means an approach to less financial compensation to cover your damages and losses. If your quality of life has suffered permanently, that places you at a disadvantage.

If you are unsure of your next steps, consult with a law firm. You may be tempted to accept the first settlement amount you receive. However, legal counsel ensures you don’t get less than you deserve. Lawyers protect their clients from inadequate settlements and aggressive insurance companies.

How Long Will COVID-19 Impact the Legal System?

Even once the threat of COVID-19 decreases, we will see significant disruptions to the proceedings of the legal system. This applies to virtually all other sectors of our economy, as well. Other than the threat of recession, the disruption to the economy brings new and unprecedented legal challenges unlike any others in our modern history.

The impact of the novel coronavirus will likely affect the legal system long-term. Even during these times, your personal injury lawyer will represent your best interests.

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