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Car accidents are the most common cause of spinal cord injuries

Most residents of Coral Gables, Miami and other parts of South Florida probably know just from experience and watching television that spinal cord injuries are very serious affairs.

Depending on the exact nature of the injury, spinal cord damage can leave a victim completely paralyzed from the neck down. Needless to say, someone in this predicament will likely not be able to return to work and may even require around-the-clock care and support just to survive.

Even if the damage to one’s spinal cord is not so extensive, victims of spinal cord injuries may face paralysis to some degree and are likely to have some significant and ongoing medical issues.

While one can injure his spinal cord in a number of ways, the most common cause of serious spinal cord injuries is severe auto accidents. Even when a person is wearing his seatbelt, the force of a major accident can impact a person’s body to the point where his spinal cord is severely damaged or even severed altogether.

In fact, experts estimate that motor vehicle accidents account for about half of all new spinal cord injuries in a given year. Additionally, it is interesting to note that about 25 percent, or 1 out of 4, spinal cord injuries involve the use of alcohol, so it is fair to say that drunk driving is a huge risk factor.

No matter their cause, spinal cord injuries are devastating. A victim of a car accident who has suffered a spinal cord injury will likely need financial compensation to cover her ongoing bills and expenses arising from her injuries. She will also likely need to file a legal claim in order to recover compensation for lost income, as well as compensation for non-economic losses.