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Can you sue security if you get injured at a show?

Festivals, events and concerts are expected to get a little rowdy. By no means does that make it acceptable for serious, life-threatening injuries to occur. However, it is not always immediately clear who is responsible for your injuries when it comes time to seek damages in the Florida courts.

One of the reasons for this is that there are so many different parties involved in any large event. Do you talk to the owners of the venue to get help with your medical bills? Perhaps there is a management company that operates the venue for the owners. There could also be event organizers, concessions operators and a whole slew of other companies and individuals contributing to the event and to its level of safety.

The fact is that your injury could be the fault of anyone of these parties. However, there is usually one entity that takes more of a role in safety than others — the security company.

Security professionals at a show usually are not watching the performance. They are watching the crowd. That is because it is their job to maintain vigilance and curtail dangerous activity before it gets out of hand. If things got to the point where you were seriously injured — for example, in a crowd surfing or mosh pit situation — then it is possible that the security company workers lapsed in their obligation to keep the event secure.

It might not make sense immediately why you would want to seek damages from a security company rather than from the people who directly caused your injuries. Unfortunately, it is often an exercise in futility to attempt to find a single person in a rambunctious crowd who is directly responsible for a broken bone or a head injury.

As explained on FindLaw, determining who is to blame for your festival or concert injury would require a detailed look at your case. Please do not think of this as legal advice. It is only meant to inform you.