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Can you sue a pharmacy for giving you the wrong dosage?

Pharmacists are busy, and when they have a lot of prescriptions to fill in a short amount of time, it is easy for them to get careless and make a critical mistake. According to US News, this mistake could cost you your health. 

If a pharmacy gave you the wrong dosage and caused you to suffer, you may want to file a claim against the pharmacist. To do this, there are a few critical details you must prove in order to receive what you deserve in your claim. First, you must show that the pharmacy gave you the incorrect dosage. 

This requires proving that the pharmacist who filled your prescription made a mistake. Next, you must show that the medication was to blame for the pain and suffering you endured after taking the wrong medication. This can be very difficult to prove, especially if you are already sick or hurt from another ailment. 

Showing the difference between the pain you suffered before taking the medicine and the pain you suffered after may not be straightforward as you would like it to be. You may need to look at the medication and find ways to prove every component of your claim. The legal process may involve gathering all of the evidence needed to put together a strong case. Then, you will present your case and request the fair and just compensation you deserve. 

If you win a settlement against the pharmacy for their critical error, the court can give you the compensation you need to cover your costly medical expenses and hold the person who caused your harm responsible for their wrongdoing.