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Medical Malpractice Jose Menendez P Trial Attorneys

Medical Malpractice

There is no higher-stakes service than healthcare, where medical professionals and practices are entrusted with the wellbeing and livelihood of their patients. However, all too often, patients become innocent victims of careless and negligent treatment by healthcare providers who abandon the standards of care they promised to uphold…

Commercial Litigation Jose Menendez P Trial Lawyers

Commercial Litigation

Across all areas of business practice, disputes can arise between employers, employees, and various partners and stakeholders. For clients whose vested interests are in need of protection, Menendez Trial Attorneys offers expert legal advice…

Wrongful Death Jose Menendez Personal Injury Attorneys

Wrongful Death

When a death occurs, it forever changes the lives of spouses, children, and parents who have suffered the loss. In the instance of a wrongful death, though the pain will linger, steps can be taken to alleviate the hardship and suffering of those family members left behind…

Defective Products Jose Menendez Personal Injury Representation

Defective Products

The products we encounter and use on a daily basis—toys, cars, household appliances, machinery, and all manner of devices—are prone to design and manufacturing defects that can compromise usability and safety…

Cruise Ship Liability

South Florida is home to the world’s largest cruise ships as part of its state-of-the-art port and terminals, serving as a hub for the booming global cruise industry—with revenues forecasted to reach 57 billion in the next 10 years…

Traffic Accidents Jose Menendez Personal Injury Representation

Traffic Accidents

Annually, more than a million people die in road-related accidents in the U.S. each year, from cars and motorcycles owned and operated individually to passenger carriers, trucks and buses representing commercial interests. Menendez Law Firm offers experience across the complexities and nuances…

Negligent Security Menendez Trial Lawyers

Negligent Security

In these days of increased public vulnerability, people are often exposed to dangerous conditions in the places they live, shop and play.  Perimeter and landscaping control, routine inspections for defects and hazardous conditions, warning signage, cameras, lighting, and security personnel…

HMO and Clinic Liability Menendez Trial Attorneys

HMO and Clinic Liability

As the costs of healthcare have risen, so too has the number of health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in the market, inundating patients with seemingly attractive programs and clinical options for the healthcare they require…

30 Years of Experience

For 30 years, Jose Menendez has been winning cases in Florida courts. With decades of experience as a defense attorney and in-house executive and attorney for public and private healthcare companies, Menendez has the expertise, insider knowledge, and legal know-how to prosecute cases against large corporations for the individuals and small companies he’s made it his mission to help.

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