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Medical malpractice injury can be the fault of multiple parties

Whether your medical incident was planned, unplanned or otherwise mundane leading up to your medical malpractice injury, it doesn’t matter. Medical professionals, HMO and clinics are expected to uphold a standard of care in all circumstances. Failure to do so can quickly lead to serious injury. If you have been injured in a medical malpractice incident, consider that there could be more than one party at fault.

This can be hard to see, prove or understand at first glimpse of medical malpractice injury. However, a full investigation can bring details to light or can uncover third party medical providers that you didn’t even know were relevant or a part of your medical care. This isn’t unusual. Who providers use in terms of equipment, third party providers or other medical parties isn’t always disclosed to the patient. They are all expected to uphold the duty of care, whatever their impact or role in a patient’s medical care.

At Menendez Trial Attorneys, we have intimate knowledge of the workings of medical providers in terms of their liability and responsibilities. If you have been injured in a medical incident, the lasting repercussions can be long lasting and negatively impactful. It could require more medical care, inability to work and other losses. These are what you would seek in damages against these alleged negligent parties in order to help the injured and their family recover from the atrocity they experienced.

No-one plans to be injured by their medical provider. These are the people we seek out in times of need, we trust them to make the right decisions for us and our health. However, it can all go terribly wrong. Consider how a medical malpractice suit can help to turn it around.